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Flower Boards

Now a day, one of the way to represent something occasionally is giving flowers board . any Various element of society ,both individual or companies send a flowers board to their colleague. This would be a kind of support for ongoing event. They use flowers board of congratulations for celebration, and condolance flowers board to show a sympathy.

Condolance Flower Boards

This type of flower is for expressing condolences to a grieving colleague. Usually these flowers are board-shaped, even though there are cross-shaped or condolence krans. By giving this condolence wreath the grieving family usually feels supported by this expression.

Congratulation Flower Boards

As a form of expression of gratitude for the success that has been surpassed by the company or individual, the congratulations greeting wreaths are very suitable, signifying that the sender also said the success achieved, especially for those who did not have time to attend the inauguration of the office, inauguration or opening new office.

Tips to Buy flowers in Jakarta ?

There are many variants of flower boards for both grief, marriage and congratulations, with a variety of prices certainly makes us feel confused. to choose a flower board, you must understand the character of the recipient or company, adjust the colors and themes to suit your company’s brand. The most important thing is that you must be able to confirm and ask the seller that the flowers you ordered are not new / fresh and not used flowers, this is to maintain the quality of flowers and colors that do not fade and attract, of course you want to give flowers that are memorable and beautiful to look at not.

Where to buy flowers ?

There are so many board wreath sellers in Indonesia now, almost every corner can be easily found and also online sellers. But the most important thing is the freshness of the interest, lest you want to get a cheap price but are disappointed with the results of the flowers that have been sent.