FAQ & Ketentuan

1. Does Irandra Florist have its own workshop production / flower shop? ?

We have our own workshop flower shops / production sites in several places, but due to regional limitations, we collaborate with several local florists that we have conducted a rigorous selection of results so that the process is fast and the quality of the flowers remains fresh. And don’t worry, our prices are also competitive with other florists.

2. Where are the flowers made ?

We arrange flowers in our own shop, but if in the city you are in, we don’t have our own flower shop or our shop is full or the location is too far, we will find the location of our closest partner store to arrange your ordered flowers without informing you and us ensure the process is fast and maintained freshness of interest.

3. How long is the flower delivery time ?

Estimated delivery of flowers 3-6 hours after we receive payment from customer. However, it will take several times if the destination is far from the city / remote..

4. Can I request placement of flowers in certain parts of the building / mall ?

You can make a flowers placement request, but if the protocol is constrained, the placement follows the path / direction of the building owner, office, mall.

5. What if the flower is broken ?

For each location at the time of receipt, we will document in the form of photographs, if damage occurs after the flowers arrive at the location, then it is not our responsibility. This also includes if after the flower arrives at the location the customer wants to make changes it will be charged according to the agreement later.

6. How can customers know that a bouquet of flowers is as ordered ?

Irandra Florist will send photos of the making of flowers through WhatsApp / email to the customer before flowers are sent, if within 10 minutes there is no confirmation response from the customer, then we assume the flower order is appropriate and the flower will be sent by our courier. If an error occurs as a result of a flowers then it is not our responsibility.

7. What if the customer wants to make a custom bouquet of flowers or according to the customer’s wishes ?

You are allowed to order a bouquet of flowers according to your wishes, but we will make a bouquet of flowers as closely as possible with the example of the model you provided. But we do not guarantee 100% exactly with the model example, because the making of bouquets is hand made.

8. What if the flower order is not shipped ?

We guarantee your order will be sent, if it is not sent then we will return your funds to the maximum price that you paid to us as a form of our responsibility without any compensation and we assume the problem has been resolved without any replacement both material and / or immaterial. Except in conditions that have been sent and there are obstacles during the delivery process, it will only cause delays.

9. Then what are the consequences regarding late delivery ?

If there is a complaint due to a delay of more than 3 hours from the agreed delivery time, then we will refund 10% of the total interest price you paid to us. This policy does not apply if the delay is due to a vehicle damage or accident at the time of delivery.

10. What if after payment of the order, the customer wants to cancel ?

We will refund 100% to customers who make cancellations as long as the raw material for making flowers has not been prepared or the interest has not been made.